Testimonials about us

“Gorgeous huge villa, fantastic views”

004-trip-advisorThis was a beautiful villa, looked exactly like the pictures so you wil not be disappointed! The living room (of the main house) is actually a lot bigger than it looks, which was great for us getting together of an evening when the bugs outside were too much (expected with so much lovely greenery around) the pool was plenty big enough, and the kids were amazed to find 4 tortoises roaming the garden sloping above. We rented both villas, and they were equally gorgeous, filled with everything we needed, and decorated to a high standard. The owner was very kind and even left us with some fresh food in the fridge and some food gifts which was a lovely gesture. As I always give an honest review (as I would like to read others that way) the only thing about the villa that wasn’t perfect for us, was the main bedroom, although beautiful, the mattress was the hardest I had ever felt, and couldn’t sleep, luckily also I took a throw with me as it also had a single size looking quilt on a huge bed, so wasn’t big enough. (Just about covered top of mattress did not go down sides so with us in, we had no chance haha) Some like a very hard mattress so don’t let it put you off, just bear in mind with room allocation, as the others seemed great, but by then it was too late to swap with anyone. There was plenty to do in the area, with local shops and restaurants, and a lovely each all 5 mins away in the car. We travelled and visit other places, so was never bored. As a family of 14 with lots of children we promised them a water park (bigger than the local one which is more suitable for small children) but accidentally found out whilst enquiringly about hiring a minibus, it’s was only about a euro each extra (more than entry price) to go on a coach trip rather than finding the way ourselves! (Travel agent/car rental is on left as you approach Roda beach) The owner was very friendly and very helpful of you have any questions, and spoke perfect English. A lady came in to clean most mornings (agree a time with the owner as she doesn’t speak English) but she was lovely and friendly. On arrival the owner showed us around the villa very thoroughly, with specific instructions. I’m guessing for an hour, introducing us to the cleaning lady, etc. We have stayed at many villas before this one, and never met the owner, was simply left a list of instructions, and telephone numbers should we encounter a problem, which i have to be honest and say we do prefer, and haven’t had any issues. There are many more sociable people than us that will love that, but after a long journey and 2 long transfers, (with 7 children!) we wanted to just enter and relax to be honest, find our way about afterwards? But the owner was being friendly and helpful, helping us to hire a car also, so I shouldn’t grumble., he had good intentions. In our party we had an autistic grandson, and a foster daughter, whom both do not like strangers, so this did create some issues during the week when the owner was often on site maintaining the property. He often visits the bottom layer of the villa from the back, (garages) so the 2 separate family members couple who were staying in the studios at the bottom of the house (with a little veranda to sit outside) could often hear him talking to the cleaning lady through the walls, and letting her into the house through a separate door which is usually locked to us, this made them feel that although we had hired the whole villa for privacy, we didn’t get complete privacy, which is why we didn’t stay in a hotel to start with, and sometimes he was there until ver late at night. He was courteous and phoned to ask to check the pool etc, but that meant also he phoned one evening at 10-30pm in the house, after missed calls on my mobile, I had to say no, we were enjoying a family evening, and I think it is far to late to bother anyone, and my foster daughter didn’t like the idea of someone outside whilst we were relaxing inside (she heard the conversation) surely the pool should be chemically cleaned before and after the rental, not during? Another time while we were outside in the daytime, my foster daughter got anxious when he entered the house to talk to the cleaning lady, I don’t think this is appropriate, as we had rented This private space. Don’t get me wrong, he was a friendly person, and everyone is different, some would love him being around a lot to help, and we felt he loved the property and wanted to check on it, but it doesn’t suit a family who need privacy, as we did. At least from this honest review you can make an informed decision, and may even be able to speak directly with the owner about having more privacy if you need it, he may be glad to help and wants to suit everyone’s needs.